hello internet,

this digital space is home to a web of ideas, feelings, musings, experimentations and processes that stem from the brain of a sonic creature + multidisciplinary artist.

my name is ali, i’m a lebanese-canadian human from montreal, canada. i’m currently embarking on a new musical journey, after my previous stint as the lead singer/songwriter of the day dreamers (2013-2022).

i’ve never been one to occupy much space on the internet, but i do believe there are some purposeful ways to spark community and generate fruitful collaboration, and for this, i’ve landed here on substack.

i would love for you to join me on this path of process archiving. i don’t want to define this space as something it might be, but rather let it unfold naturally. one thing i will say, is i believe it will be chaotic & scatterbrain-y ~ in all the best ways.

if you enjoy what you are experiencing, please support my endeavours with a paid subscription; i will spam your inboxes with some extra-special, juicy, exclusive stuff!

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process notes ~ sight + sound


Artist, musician, scatter-brain, curator and (one day) the creator of a revolutionary multi/inter-disciplinary space in verdun (mtl)